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SMP advance funding - not yet received?

Should my client have received the 2nd advanced SMP amount?

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A client applied for smp advance funding via e-mail but the claim spanned 2 tax years, both claim sections were filled in on the e-mail.

The client received the SMP advance funding for the 2016/17 tax years but has not yet received the advance funding for the 2017/18 tax year and it's now 27th April...  her payroll is 4-weekly and she's already had one payroll and the next one is due next week ...

I struggle to get through to the right department at HMRC to discuss it with anyone, should she have received it by now?  Should we just submit the e-mail claim form again for this tax year?

Any advice greatly appreciated.



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27th Apr 2017 10:16

I submitted an online claim for client for 2016-17 and 2017-18 on 19 Dec 2016.
Client received two separate payments into her bank on 30 Dec 2016 from HMRC.
I have done this before for other clients and always received both amounts on same day.
Have you checked clients PAYE account through your agent login as it shows up there as well if payment has been issued.
However, if payment is coming by cheque then who knows when that will arrive as HMRC tend to be a bit lax in their mail procedures!
Only other thing I can think of is that client did not put correct info on 2nd claim.

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27th Apr 2017 10:25

Looking good for MTD, isn't it ?

My experience is slightly different. The second wedge has generally come through in April. This may be dependent on the date the maternity period starts. If it's in summer, the rate for the following year wouldn't have been set. If it's in December, it would be known.

Just speculation but it sounds plausible to me.

Unfortunately, I haven't got a definitive answer other than to ring them and say "Where's my money?"

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27th Apr 2017 10:40

Thank you, I finally managed to speak to someone at HMRC, they said it should be received by 30th April.

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to JWB
27th Apr 2017 10:42

Which is a Sunday. The day before a bank holiday.

So today or tomorrow then.

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