SMS appointment reminders?

Can anyone recommend a system to send appointment reminders by sms?

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Can anyone recommend a software they use to send appointment reminders by sms/text messages? (like some GP/doctors surgeries) I have some American ones that send a sms but wanted a UK one that is integrated to a calendar so we are not booking the appointment on a spreadsheet and then sending a text from a mobile phone. 

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By New To Accountancy
12th Aug 2021 22:34

I use 'Do it later' but it's an app not software.
I use it for a small portfolio of clients to remind them to send me payroll hours or VAT invoices for the quarter etc and I schedule reminders to repeat weekly, quarterly etc. It's not what you're wanting but thought I'd suggest it to you should you need a temporary solution. It does not integrate with my calendar either but you could add yourself as a recipient and add to your calendar that way, until you find suitable software.
You can send the reminders to the client via email, sms, WhatsApp and have the same reminder sent to yourself and other recipients.
Just make sure you correct your settings on your phone so it can be enabled otherwise the messages can fail, which happened to me, but when the settings were adjusted, I had no further problems.
All your upcoming reminders are shown and a 'countdown' so you know how many days left etc.

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Sarah Douglas - HouseTree Business Ltd
By sarah douglas
12th Aug 2021 22:59

Not sure if you use AccountancyManager for your practice but we send text messages from the system for meetings and other reminders.

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