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So, I must be in the early stages of memory loss?

Or, did I dream it

Those affected by the recent unavailability of (some) online services may recall that I'd emailed the Financial Secretary to the Treasury. As with all these issues, it's very doubtful that; either a reply, or explanation, will be received from the original contact and, as expected, my comments were passed over to HMRC. The reply is below and, again as realistically expected, it was all in my imagination, along with some others here on Aweb. So, I've made an appointment with the Doctor, to see if I can have a course of happy pills, to tide me over, to retirement!

You really couldn't make this stuff up, could you?

"Dear Mr Mann

Thank you for your email of 23 November 2017 to HM Treasury. As HM Revenue & Customs has operational responsibility for tax matters, we have been asked to respond and I am replying on behalf of the Chief Executive.

I am sorry to hear that our online services have been unavailable when you have tried to use them, and I recognise the frustration that this must cause you.

We have not received any other complaints about this, nor are we aware of any known issues on 23 November 2017.

Occasionally, we do experience technical problems, and we work hard to resolve these as quickly as possible.

Additionally, there are times when we need to carry out essential maintenance work, which can affect service availability - where possible we try to do this at quieter times to minimise the impact on our customers. When this happens, we always try to notify customers in advance via our website at

If you are continuing to experience a problem, please reply to this email with more information and I will look into this further.

Yours sincerely

James Hall
Complaints Manager, Digital Complaints Team
E: [email protected]
T: 03000 518 511


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30th Nov 2017 09:18

Why complain ?

It's obvious HMRC aren't going to do anything and regard any problems as the "customer's" fault.

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30th Nov 2017 10:34

I suggest we all remedy the lack of other complaints by emailing him about the two weekends of unavailability copying in our MP

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to Marion Hayes
30th Nov 2017 10:43

Despite the lack of a humble acceptance of culpability, I do feel entirely vindicated.

HMRC remain an arrogant agency of HM Government and, in my (humble) opinion, are generally unfit for purpose. From my personal experience, this also extends to the Valuation Office.

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By 356B
30th Nov 2017 11:47

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If only HMRC sent out emails like that.

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to 356B
01st Dec 2017 10:36

If they did, their system would probably be down, so you couldn't respond. Then they would say they have received no bad feedback about their services!

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01st Dec 2017 11:25

It is entirely likely that they did not receive any complaints during the period the system was down!

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01st Dec 2017 12:41

I wrote to the P11D Support Team HMRC on 02 August 2017 at NE98 1ZZ by recorded delivery. The letter was clearly marked "Complaint" as was the envelope (in red). The letter was received and signed by a "Wilson" on 07 August 2017 at 7:36 am. I have had no acknowledgement or a reply. The client asked me to abandon the matter!

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01st Dec 2017 17:01

Here s an idea.

Why don t we crowdfund to finance the camorrs to do a mass cull of all fiscal staffers in the jurisdiction .

Ergo no more tax men . No more taxes.

Unfortunately at current rates and based on present staffing cohort we would be looking at seedfunding of some £2.7 billion advance.

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02nd Dec 2017 00:42

If HMRC's online services are down and they do not answer the telephone can you send them a fax?

When a future "James Hall" claims that "We have not received any other complaints about this, nor are we aware of any known issues" you can send copies of the fax transmission record(s) to him, the Cabinet Office, your MP etc.

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to Caber Feidh
04th Dec 2017 18:20

You can send a fax, but unless it is to a named person, the correct fax number and they are expecting it, the message will be filed in the WPB. The only way to guarantee to get a response is to ask your MP to write - but even then the reply is likely to be entirely of weasel words.

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