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Social Media


I have managed to convince the senior partner to let me look into establishing a social media presence for our firm. I will be building a Facebook page first and I am now starting my research and would be grateful if anyone here could share any experience they have using a facebook page for their firm. Specifically I would like to know:

1. I am reasonably computer literate but not a web developer by any stretch. I'd like a tidy, professional looking page with a few simple apps (Calenders, calculators etc.). Though I can't be more specific at this point, I suppose my question is for those who have used developers. Do you feel you have got your monies worth?

2. What have people been using their FB pages for? A full blooded marketing campaign? Or just another form of presence and communication? If anyone has had particular success, would you be able to say why in your opinion (please :p)?

These are my thoughts for now, hoping for some interesting discussion!

Thanks in advance


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05th Jul 2012 11:09

are your clients on facebook?

My better half works in marketing, and although not directly involved in the "social media" side of things, she does have some experience of social media, and has a healthy dislike for it which I have also developed.

If the intention is to gain new clients or help upsell to existing ones, you need to ask yourself if they are on facebook, and if they are, do they their accounts for business or pleasure?

I think some industries should have a social media presence, however it can be a massively time consuming affair just trying to increase the number of "likes" for your company. Having had the tales of the amount of time and effort taken to get to the 1000 "likes" mark for a large online hotels booking company my other half used to work for in the past, I honestly don't think a practice needs a facebook page. A lot of companies seem to feel they have to get involved with social media and in particualr facebook, but you really need to look at what you hope you will gain from it, as it seems that the roi can be very low.

A popular tactic to gain more "likes" and thus awareness, is some form of competition where you need to like it to enter.....however that again takes time and effort to manage, not to mention the expense of a prize (unless it's a free financial "MOT" or suchlike?!), and you frequently only attract so called "comper scum" (the term my other half uses!) who are only interested in prizes, and not the company.


If you really want a social media presence, I'd personally suggest LinkedIn as your employees can add their company to their profiles, and you can invest in  various ways to promote such as PPC, or go through and trawl your local area with a more direct marketing online approach.


hope that helps!

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05th Jul 2012 11:16

Social Media Marketing where to start

Hi its a great question and one we are asked all the time,


We would recommend starting with LinkedIn as its perfectly suited to the market and is working powerfully right now.  In fact here is a link to a free webinar which explains how one leading accountant has won 11 clients through LinkedIn alone 

Once you have established your firm and partner profiles on LinkedIn next we recommend having an integrated blog - as this content enables you to increase the rankings of your websites and share through your LinkedIn profile. Blogs are also a great way for partners to communicate with existing customers in a personal way at the click of a button.

These two steps can be achieved with relative ease, we would then advise you to set up your Twitter page and link this to your LinkedIn profile not vice versa.  That means when you update your status update on LinkedIn it will post a tweet for you.

Last but by no means least is Facebook, I have already published a short article on Facebook you can read here

I hope that is a help - if you are looking for more material here is a dedicated site on social media marketing

Warm regards



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05th Jul 2012 11:18

First & foremost ...

Forget about the mechanics of Facebook until you have an HR policy in place for social media

What does you firm regard as acceptable, confidential and what are the sanctions for staff breaching usage guidelines

and make it very clear to all concerned - you don't want the inevitable '.. I didn't understand ..' if/when things go wrong

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By adagen
05th Jul 2012 16:42

Facebook is about having a dialogue over time. who do you want to talk to and what sort of dialogue do you want with them? How much effort do you want to put into sustaining that dialogue? Do you want to talk to the world at large, or just to clients? You need to understand all that to make it worthwhile setting up a FB page.

Your brief description sounds more like the sort of thing you might want to do with a website. Without intending to be discouraging, can I suggest that you have a look at a range of pages to see how they are designed and used? Look at some American pages as well as UK ones, as the Americans are more likely to use FB professionally.

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By Archon
05th Jul 2012 20:49


Thanks everyone, most helpful.

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05th Jul 2012 21:55

Social Media Manager


After a one day course, I realised I needed to get on to Social Media but didn't know where to start or what to say.

I engaged a social media manager who for a monthly fee has set my company a twitter, facebook and blog site. I already have 1334 followers on twitter, 141 friends on facebook and its only been a month!. I have also had two new clients directly from twitter.

If you feel he can help you then email Ken on [email protected] I can certainly recommend him wholehartedly!

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