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I have a client who requires a new invoice system, main requirement is for them to be able to obtain email address of clients straight from the software and for it to compile a list accordingly

I have thought of Sage but the output reports for the email address are not that good!!!!

Also I wish that the software be more user friendly

Any thoughts

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Nigel Harris
By Nigel Harris
03rd Jan 2012 13:33

Don't give up on Sage

While I'm not the biggest fan of Sage, we and our clients do use it extensively. The report-writing functionality in the higher versions of Sage 50 should enable you to overcome any deficiencies in the reports provided. Failing that, you can easily set up your own reports in Excel and use macros to extract the data live from Sage. In reality, there's very little you CAN'T do with Sage data!

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By richwhight
04th Jan 2012 14:49


You can have a look at Exchequer. It has a bunch of Excel Add-ins that can get all kinds of data and it's very easy to use.

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Derek French
By derek44
05th Jan 2012 10:42

Maybe Quickbooks?

Quickbooks Pro 2010 provides invoicing including supporting foreign currencies and also has repeat billing if your client needs this. The Sales Ledger Contacts report can be modified to include the email address and there is an option to export straight to Excel. Not the only answer by any means, but might be fairly cost-effective option.

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By PeterForest
05th Jan 2012 11:23


I would also like to echo the previous comments re Sage. Sage 50 comes with an ODBC driver which makes it very quick and easy to extract data direct from Sage Customers into a spreadsheet (a 2 minute job).

If you need any help re this please come back to me.

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By RogerNeale
05th Jan 2012 11:24

More info needed

There are plenty of invoicing systems around a lot of which will allow you to store a variety of email addresses against accounts, for many different reasons.

Without knowing the purpose of your request it's difficult to know what to suggest.

Please give me a call to discuss or explain in detail here exactly why your client is asking for this.


Roger Neale
Perkeo Computer Systems Ltd
07714 670789
01623 857972

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Duane Jackson
By DuaneJAckson
05th Jan 2012 12:41


If they use KashFlow it can connect to MailChimp (Email marketing software), so they can email all of their customer or get smart and email specific segments such as those who haven't bought for x days, or those that have spent more than Y, etc. More info at

Much more useful than just a lit of email addresses. But KashFlow can export just a list too if that's what's required.

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Replying to claudialowe:
By slarti
12th Jan 2012 15:57

Email marketers are bad for your reputation.

DuaneJAckson wrote:

If they use KashFlow it can connect to MailChimp (Email marketing software), so they can email all of their customer


Many of the companies I visit automatically block all mail from MailChimp and their ilk as they appear to use all email addresses they collect for generating vast volumes of spam.


I have never opted in to any email marketing, but before I "black holed" MailChimp I was receiving up to 25 marketing message per day from them.


Not a good idea to get into bed with people like that as it damages your reputation.

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By kuriyan
05th Jan 2012 13:41


Try this!

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By 3569787
03rd May 2016 17:57

May be ClearSEAs accounting software


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By crazyaccountant
06th Jan 2012 10:59


Thank you all for your respective comments and ideas

I have looked at sage invoicing, dint realise it was for free!!!!

Quickbooks has some problems for some reason.. I thought it had some issues recently

Sliqtools is almost beautiful and cheap as well!!! a one off £35 that lyk wow!!!!!

RogerNeale i thought i had provided sufficient info!!! but i could be worng!!!!

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By RogerNeale
07th Jan 2012 17:12

The bit that is missing....

You did say you wanted it to "obtain email address of clients straight from the software and for it to compile a list accordingly" but you didn't say what you wanted to do with this list or for what purpose.

The list bit is really simple from any database, it's what you do with it that makes it useful.


Roger Neale

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Duane Jackson
By DuaneJAckson
12th Jan 2012 16:09


Are you sure you're not confusing MailChimp with someone else?

They don't collect email addresses or send emails themselves - they provide tools for others to do it. They're a software company, not an email marketing company.

Email deliverability is something that's very important to them. If people on their platform are spamming then they cut them off as it can cause problems for their other customers. 


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By slarti
12th Jan 2012 16:47


Well I've just checked my list of blocked sources and they are one of them.

Perhaps they had bad clients in the past, or have changed their ways, but I did have to block everything from them as it gave the impression of being a snowstorm.

Anything with them in the header is auto-deleted on my system.



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