Software advice for a school / social club

Software advice for a school / social club

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Hi Guys,

Need to roll out a software at a school / social club which has circa 500 member that pay monthly. Some pay via bank, some pay cash. I want to be able to set them up as families with family members and then be able to track against each family once payment has been made and produce a debtors list each month. Added feature would be to be able to allocate teachers and classrooms to students (approx 20 teachers and 40 classes)

Currently they are using an excel spreadsheet which is very manual and clunky and I need to modernise this process!

Any recommendations on tried and tested software would be appreciated!

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By tltodman
23rd Dec 2023 11:57

Would have thought any software with a standard debtors ledger would cope with the first part. I'd happily use VT for something like that.

Not sure you'd get anything specific for room planning (is that what you were after?)

If it was more grouping your debtors by teacher or class then VT would cope if you set it up with separate debtors ledgers for each class or teacher (either or/not both)

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By Christino
11th Jan 2024 11:17

Hi we use Enrolmy for a before and after school club - it my be worth a look. Does invoicing and debtors as well as class allocation and limited etc. I can give you contact if needed. Christine

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By I Can Help Your Business
11th Jan 2024 12:00

I think what you need is a membership platform more than an accounting one.

With the added teacher/classroom/student relationship, this may then take you down the route of a school management style platform -
there are many options

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