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Software and VAT

The software I currently use will not show me the transactions that will be included on the VAT rtn

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The software I currently use has no means of showing me what transactions it will include in the MTDvat return until after the return is submitted.

Each time I find something like this, I raise it with our supplier, who probably thinks I am some kind of wierd pedant.

Surely others would want to see the same thing?

Is it just me?

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By rmillaree
25th May 2022 16:04

Its not you its beyond crazy that you cant see what is being submitted before you submit it - what piece of software is it - naming and shaming may be worthwhile.

Perhaps they use the same developers as hmrc

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paddle steamer
25th May 2022 16:18

No, not just you.

There is no way I would be trusting a mere abacus with an electrical lead to submit a report I was happy to have submitted, I would want to check it. (Just consider Eddie in the HHGTTG to see the harm that can be caused by our electronic friends)

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By Brend201
25th May 2022 17:13

Not as much a "wierd pedant" as I am. It's "weird" - despite the saying "I before E, except after C".

Now that is weird.

But I agree with you. Sloppy software.

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By Winnie Wiggleroom
25th May 2022 18:01

Is it me or are we missing the obvious piece of the puzzle - what software is it?

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Replying to Winnie Wiggleroom:
By DKB-Sheffield
25th May 2022 18:31

At a guess "Access Education Finance" per previous questions by OP. Basically, I get the feeling the finance part of the software is somewhat anciliary - VAT is almost certainly an afterthought!

I was once approached by such a developer (friend of a friend) who wanted a 'hands on' approach and advice on developing the product. After a few meetings, I had to walk away because my idea of what the finance function required, and what the software developers were able/ willing to incorporate, were poles apart. They didn't actually want 'finance software', they wanted 'industry software' with a watered-down finance add-on! TBH I was belittled even step of the way due to my non-existent coding knowledge - I was *only* an accountant.

@OP... you are not asking for anything out of the ordinary (as you well know). If the developers want to incorporate VAT into their product, you need - no less than - the basic reporting tools prior to submission. If it is Access, they are not a 2-bit organisation so IMO deserve a severe nudge!

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By legerman
25th May 2022 18:22

I would always want to see the entries on the vat return before submission. Mistakes can happen and that's the best way of spotting them.

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By Leywood
25th May 2022 22:23

Yes it’s just you.


Bonkers software.

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By Missing in action
25th May 2022 23:11

Software providers for schools have been notoriously bad at dealing with VAT and MTD. They seem to assume that everything is exempt, therefore VAT is N/A.

I think previously schools just dealt with VAT - often arising from reverse charges on international services - manually. Now that it must be submitted by the software, they've been caught in the headlights.

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Routemaster image
By tom123
26th May 2022 07:41

DKB is of course correct - it is "Access Education Finance"

I wasn't going to name it as it is sector specific.

Think I need new glasses too, for the spelling of weird. Normally OK on that kind of stuff!

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Replying to tom123:
By D V Fields
26th May 2022 12:54

Yes sadly software in general is based on “give the customer what our programmers can do” not give the customer what they need” ( or even want). Perhaps also a sad lacking of understanding upon the authors of the specification.

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