Software change from IRIS

What software have practices changed to successfully from IRIS?

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We are a small practice with approx 800 sole trader clients and 300 limited company clients. We currently use IRIS as our accounts production and tax software and sage payroll and for billing. 

ideally we would like to streamline this to one software, reduce costs and improve backups. We are considering Taxcalc and Xero.

it'd be great to hear people's experiences and reccomendations for switching over from IRIS and what software you've changed too. 

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By Sandnickel
27th May 2024 07:10

Not a specific answer to the question but I've used digita and sage for accounts production in addition to Iris. All have their quirks and frustrations.

I've always been wary of putting everything with one software provider as it creates such a big issue if you ever need to change.

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By jonharris999
27th May 2024 07:15

Taxcalc + Xero (+ BrightManager, as Accountancy Manager has recently taking to calling itself) gets the vote from us.

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By thomas
28th May 2024 14:39

This is just the question I logged int to ask! Im struggling with Iris and cant get anywhere with support.

The cost difference is massive though! Has everyone felt that the move to Tax calc or BTC was worth the extra £?

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Replying to thomas:
By FactChecker
28th May 2024 15:01

That's the dilemma for those still on Iris ...
... on the (majority of) days when everything's working tolerably well, why would you opt to pay more elsewhere?

But as soon as something goes wrong or you're merely stuck, the near impossibility of getting any support/advice out of Iris makes you contemplate a different answer.
[And if that coincides with a tight deadline, you may kick yourself ... hard!]

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Replying to thomas:
By AdamJones82
28th May 2024 19:41

I think the Op is referring to "full fat" Iris as they are referring to reducing costs

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By Yossarian
28th May 2024 18:28

I run my own small practice where I use Taxcalc, and I also do some sub-contract work for a friend's practice where they use Iris (as in Accountancy Suite, not Elements). Although I've never switched an entire practice over from one to the other as such, I do often flip between the two multiple times in the course of a normal day, depending on whether I'm working on my clients or their clients.

Iris does appear slightly more 'slick' than Taxcalc in some ways, but in my view it in no way justifies the large price premium over it. If they cost exactly the same I would tend to favour Iris over Taxcalc, but only just.

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By JuliaSmith2009
30th May 2024 08:16

We are a small practice currently using Taxfiler but about to be switched to Elements so I have been trialling alternatives. Xero was the obvious choice as >95% of our clients are on Xero. However, having tried using Xero on about 8-10 sets of accounts and tax returns, I just don't think it's good enough. It's not that intuitive and quite a few issues that we struggled to find a work arounds for. I was initially put off by Taxcalc as it's not cloud based and looks old fashioned! However, I have now had a good play with it and it's a great piece of software and very simple to use so we are making the switch to Taxcalc.

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