Katie Anning
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Software for a general builder

Software for a general builder

A client of ours is a general builder doing a variety of kitchen supply and fit, electrical contract work, general building work, repair/redecorate empty council properties, skip hire etc.

They have the usual issue of not billing on all of the costs they incurr.  At the moment they are using Sage line 50, including the project function but this of course relies on all costs being allocated to a project.  I dont beleive there is a 'check' facility in Sage to report on the missed costs.  

There are around 30 projects running at any one time over about 8 departments.  Transaction count is around 2500 per month and the system needs to be multi user. 

Can anyone recommend some software


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03rd Nov 2011 17:13


will definitely do and is great on job management - you may want to go to a higher level but the functionality is unlikely to be much better

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04th Nov 2011 13:17

take a look at clear books - an online package with multi-users


great for the construction industry as it has integrated CIS capability

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My.N from Accounting Office

Dear Katie

it might be worth also having a look at My.N from Accounting Office - http://www.accountingoffice.co.uk/gendefault.aspx?SkinID=GenStdFea&sec=H&topic=JOB

Its perfectly placed for companies looking for more functionality than Sage Line 50, has full job and project costing and management, multi user, extensive reporting etc.

If you would like to discuss this in any further detail, please give me a call on 01792 818177.


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