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Software for client and business accounts

We have a client account (where payment on account of costs is held) and a business account (which we tranfer money into from the client account at the end of the project after invoicing the client). Is there a web accounting software that has this sort of set up in mind? With our previous software the client account was totally off the radar.



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21st Apr 2017 15:04


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21st Apr 2017 15:41

Sorry what do you mean flagged?

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to Limited Company
21st Apr 2017 15:56

It means I am interested in the topic so if I make a post to it I can find it later within my posts made, in effect a filing system for topics I am myself interested in.

Sorry I cannot assist with the answer, but interested to see what might be on offer, especially if MTD compatible.

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By mg200
21st Apr 2017 16:17

Not sure I totally understand the requirement but can you not use one of the many bookkeeping softwares and activate the projects/job costing element and a separate bank account/control account for the client account.

I have done this numerous times using unique references per project to allow me to bring all the transactions of the job within the client account to demonstrate it sums to zero after you have transfered out your client fee.

Hope that makes sense.

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