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Software for Corporation Tax submission?

Is there a free CT submission software?


I just recently started small business and up until now I used HMRC services, but one of my clients have a turnover of £1m and he is unable to submit CT via HMRC website and is refered to other commercial software packages.

Could you please recommend a best (free if possible) CT software package for small business?

And what is the reasons to why you are not allowed to do it directly in HMRC website>?


Many thanks, 



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29th Nov 2017 10:18

I dunno, I guess the reason is that they think a company pulling in over £600,000 could probably manage the cost of some software or even the cost of an accountant.

I would suggest that if you are setting yourself up in business as an accountant then limiting yourself only to free software will impede your business quite a bit. Taxfiler is relatively cheap and highly recommended round here.

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By SteveOH
29th Nov 2017 10:34

I can also recommend Taxfiler. I am a small, one man practice and struggled with some of the more expensive offerings. I switched to Taxfiler and found it to be reliable as well as inexpensive. It costs only £10 per month for up to 50 clients. I mean, you can't say fairer than that. It's less than the cost of a couple of pints a month, or half a cup of coffee at Starbucks!

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to SteveOH
29th Nov 2017 13:30

SteveOH wrote:
. It's less than the cost of a couple of pints a month ....

Not round here, it isn't.

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29th Nov 2017 11:28

The rot started setting in when HMRC stopped giving you postpaid envelopes to correspond with them.

Nowadays they see tax collection as a business, with profits to be made. They even have customers.

Anyway - their Corporation Tax software is particularly bad so a move to Taxfiler will benefit you.

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07th Dec 2017 11:13

I swear by Forbes

David Forbes is still very involved with the business and the support is both prompt and personal. I've even had an occasion when I raised a query on a Friday afternoon and had a reply over the weekend!

Full marks in my book.

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By Briar
to sammerchant
07th Dec 2017 13:59

I am with you. Absolute/Forbes works really well and the support line is fantastic

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By chatman
07th Dec 2017 12:55

Another vote for TaxFiler, both on price and usability. Previously used HMRC, Digita and TaxCalc.

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07th Dec 2017 13:30

HMRC software is dreadful and moving to commercial software will increase productivity and pay for some of the cost. It's like comparing Moneysoft with HMRC Basic Tools: HMRC is free but Moneysoft has so much more functionality, is easier and quicker. We use PTP for CT and it handles all our CT requirements.

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07th Dec 2017 15:38

What is not obvious is that Taxfiler also produces accounts as well as the corporation tax return. Simply copy and paste the TB into taxfiler, check the validations, and the net assets and it produces the accounts. It can also file the accounts at Companies House and file at HMRC the accounts with the CT return. It is a no brainer.....

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By chatman
to iain.mcgregor
07th Dec 2017 15:54

What is irritating, though, is that to get the tax figure into the accounts, you have to mark the accounts as finalised, transfer them to the tax return, complete the tax return, go back into the accounts, unlink the TB from your import, manually input the tax figure, finalise the accounts and then transfer them back to the tax return. You would have thought Taxfiler would have a button that put the tax figure into the accounts for you.

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to chatman
07th Dec 2017 16:06

Or - you could work it out yourself beforehand.

Having a second opinion keeps your hand in - and guards against errors.

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By chatman
to lionofludesch
07th Dec 2017 18:26

Good point.

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