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Software for retail company

Software for retail company

Could anyone offer advice on which software package/s would be most suitable for a new retail venture. Initially a single store but hoping to grow by another year on year. The company will offer intenet sales too. Turnover to reach £1m in year 5 (hopefully!)

Requirements of the software:
Internet sales with up to date information of stock levels feeding through
Payroll for about 150 staff (eventually)
General Ledger, Puchase Ledger, Sales Ledger, Fixed Assets, Stock, Cashbook, Budgets etc.
High level of reporting functions will also be required, i.e Budgetary Control statements, analysis of best selling items/ranges/lines/suppliers, sales by department/branch, etc

Any recommendations gratefully received.

Thank you.

Natalie Sargent


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By GerryK
17th Oct 2003 09:59

ASP Acounting solution
Natalie we are a small retail company with T/O at about 750K and growing fast. We are just about to move onto a web hosted enterprise system with all of the functionality you mentioned and more. It's called Oracle Small Business and is scaleable with your business size and requirements.

We are attracted to it because of it's flexibility which I think is critical for a growing business. The business can evolve with a system which grows around it rather than having a system which the business has to adapt to and which is too ridgid to deal with changing requirements. Also being on the web it is able to deal with multi site locations which is ideal if you foresee new shops, warehouses etc. They can all be connected

See what you think. The product is mature in the US but has just been rolled out in the UK. UK Partners Peter Chadburn at Skytek ( tel 020 8537 1967, or look at the Netsuite site itself.

I hope this is helpful

Gerry Kerins

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By dclark
10th Oct 2003 16:45

Some ideas

If you are £1M t\o in year 5 adding one store every year, then assuming there are no internet sales, each store has about £200K turnover. Unless you are lucky to own all your own buildings, I can't see how it can be profitable !. Of course if you sell chocolates, £1M is a shed load of loose or boxed items !

The above aside, I and assuming your real thrust is to say "I'm looking for something that will grow with us, so we don't have to change". I'd counter that by saying, "control your costs in the first year or so to keep the business alive and choose a fairly small system so you know what your functionality needs really are for the longer-term software purchase in year 2-3 that (assuming the growth appears) will be the key purchase".

I'd caution about being too 'real-time' between internet and shop sales from day 1, as it is likely to offer little real return for the effort you put in. That has been our experience with our lcient base. Get the EPOS working well, get the webstore working well, work out your real needs and then you have a 1-3 year track record to present a good case for demanding a full solution.

Webstore - I'd use EROL. You can run the full SOP process from web order to despatch with payment already linked to payment providers very quickly and cheaply. Uploading current stock with a timed macro will give the effect of real time without the expense. If you look at many webstores, they are merely order taking systems. A vast proportion have backed away from real 'real-time', until it becomes a pressing business need

Shop - depends what you sell and volume of transactions, but many systems would go a pretty good job and a few with full SOP\POP included

Payroll - just an example, but something like MoneySoft for £100'ish would proably do your payroll for a few years, so why spend more !

Please get in contact, as we have a number of solutions to your enquiry, but it depends on your purse size, your business type (ie any size, any colour or merely boxes) and your true needs. As you can see from my answer, we don't just shift boxes !

Kind Regards

Daniel Clark
Ryba Macaulay Ltd
[email protected]

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10th Oct 2003 14:04

Have a look at the David Carter Reviews

I recommend you have a look at the David Carter Software reviews available on AccountingWEB.

So far Carter has reviewed packages such as Sage Line 100, ACCPAC Advantage, Access DimensionsLite and Kypera Financials.

To find out more about the Carter Lab Test Series click here

Good luck with your search

Richard Norton
Community Manager

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10th Oct 2003 09:03

Khaos Control!
Our modern, Windows software package, Khaos Control, will suit your requirements.It features retail and mail order (including Internet) facilities including: EPOS, integrated Internet ordering and stock levels, size/colour/style (for clothing) stock control, integrated accounting modules, credit card processing, Postal Address File, mailings and promotions, extensive analysis of best sellers and customers including receny/frequency/value enquiries and reports. Please visit our web sites or or feel free to have a chat by telephone.
Paul Broderick
01476 562447

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