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Software needed

Client needs accounting and business software - Any suggestions please!

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My Client has tried two software programmes and neither meet our requirement.  One Commerical off the Shelf and one bespoke.  We need it to be able to handle the following:

Purchase of goods from within EU

Sale of goods in UK and EU both Wholesale and Retail

Online sales with differentiation between Paypal receipts and Card/Bank transactions (these are often batched in the bank).  Expenses, regular payments (SO/DD)

Printing of labels for sales

Bank reconciliation (direct feed from bank would be good!)Stock control

Multi User access - Different locations

Mac and Windows compatable.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Replying to pawncob:
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By Matrix
08th Mar 2018 21:14

While VT is great, it isn't Mac compatible, can't be accessed from different locations, does not have a bank feed, I don't know if it deals with EC sales, prints labels and can deal with the other requests.

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By WhichTyler
09th Mar 2018 10:12

If bespoke doesn't meet your requirement, it's not bespoke.Anything can be customised, it just gets to the point that the cost of customising exceeds the cost of someone sending a .csv file to a label printer...

How big is this business?

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Replying to WhichTyler:
By Babs Harris
14th Mar 2018 16:00

Yeah my thoughts exactly but the bill just keeps racking up and we still can't do all we need so are looking to see if we should pull the plug or keep going.....last tax year turnover was £600K and its growing still.

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By Glenn Martin
14th Mar 2018 16:29

Xero would do all that apart from printing labels, if its an e commerce platform there will probably be an add in that
would print the labour when you receive the order, or juts by a Dymo.

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By Colin Maher
10th Apr 2018 09:18


Our Cloud based software Liquid Accounts would cater for your needs and would include the label printing.

Liquid as your upgrade option:
. Liquid is designed to fit into the space between mass market and enterprise levels
. If you have outgrown Sage 50, Sage One, Xero, Kashflow, QuickBooks etc and need more functionality or scalability, Liquid is the next step
. Higher functionality than the mass market providers, with modules for
. Advanced Nominal structure - up to 5 levels if required, with options to use standard Liquid nominal structure, or options for Sage 50, Pastel Partner, or indeed your own bespoke nominal
. Advanced Stock Management – Bill of Materials, Multi-warehousing, Stock adjustment, Stock tracking, Nominal fetch criteria, Stock costing methods (average, FIFO etc), Mobile barcode scanning
. eCommerce integration – eBay, Amazon, Magento etc
. Time and expenses tracking module
. Modules for cloud CRM and Payroll also available
Business activities that you would not currently consider with cloud accounting
. Ability to add on bespoke modules that perfectly fit your business requirements, to your exact specification
. Recent examples include:
. Process Control – process mapping and tracking
. Branch Accounting (Consolidation) – if you are running or managing several business or branches and need to consolidate financial information
. Periodic Billing – support or maintenance contract management for products or services, to ensure contract renewal billing is done accurately and on time
Tailoring software to fit your business, not the other way around
Liquid offers a range of standard modules that will fit the majority of your business processes, however there is always a particular task or function that is unique to your business which is where Liquids Bespoke Development service comes in.
Do not think that your unique requirements are too small or insignificant - , if you have the “I wish I could achieve this from my software moments” then please tell us – we can help you.
We have a large team of developers so can deliver new product in timescales that meet your needs and will not break the bank.

If you would like to arrange a personal demonstration of the software please let me know and i will book this in the diary for you.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Colin Maher
Liquid Accounts

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