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Software packages for a bookkeeping bureau

What Software packages are best for a bookkeeping bureau?

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What Software packages are best for a bookkeeping bureau?

The price seems extortionate on some packages, £20pm for Xero, £29pm for FreeAgent and then there is Hubdoc £10pm and I cant even get a price out of Dext.

So £32pm minimum, this eats massively in to a client profitabilty.

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By rmillaree
13th May 2021 14:49

Xero can be negotied down to around £15 including hubdoc (should automatically be free if you pay client subscription) - you may stuggle though at lower volumes - they do cheaper Bureau/partner plan stuff where client doesnt post anything or posts very little. If its just cashbook you want things start to get very reasonable and for bank csv imports prety damn cheap.

sage probably sits just below £15 again you may need volume and you may get ghalf price auto entry

have a look for fun at Bokio for absolutely zilch for free stuff i was highly impressed and i was speaking to the company last week and they seem like they want to push the product forward over the next couple of years and it will stay free!! As its free it is billy basic function wise but the the layout and ease of use is pretty impressive compared to other free ones i have seen

Freeagent is free if they have the right bank natwest mettle .... the other one

quickbooks sent me mailshot with cheap boatlod of internal licences.

unfortunately for adding 1 or 2 at a time its hard to get your foot on the ladder without starting at higher level if they wont give you some help xero are like that they like to know that you are pushing forward with numbers to give you some leeway.

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By Wanderer
13th May 2021 14:52

£2.50 per month.
Gets better & better by the week.

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By cbp99
13th May 2021 15:04

Depends in part on how your clients get data to you. We use VT for all our clients, which costs us £225 pa for two licences, (and includes accounts preparation, MTD for Vat filing, and Companies House filing). That £225 covers all clients.

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By tracyannw
13th May 2021 15:09

Quickfile is good its basic and allows client access too, it works out no more than £42 per client per month and if your clients are smaller (less transactions) its cheaper then there are also volume discounts.

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Replying to tracyannw:
By tracyannw
13th May 2021 16:14

That should have read £42 per client per year!

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By OldParkAcct
13th May 2021 16:52

As already mentioned, VT is about £200pa for unlimited clients.
Apart from adding MTD function hasn't really changed for years, but if you need a basic bookkeeping package its cheap, simple to use and never seems to have any "problems", not sure if there is anything better.

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Replying to OldParkAcct:
By Hazel Accounts
20th May 2021 10:43

I'm a big fan of VT - excellent value and what I used when I started and still do use for clients where I just input from a TB or excel summary etc (mostly where client does books or very small businesses), however the originally were not going to do MTD VAT (they do now) so I had to find an alternative and looked at a few and chose Sage for clients where I or my book-keeper do the books and VAT. I have found the extra functions compared to VT make it cost effective (bank feed, auto assigning of entries, emailing sales invoices and matching etc etc) and the fact you can share over cloud has been great whilst all locked down the last year.

As an agent I pay a lot less for Sage than advertisied which I then bill onto clients so they know what they are paying for (ie software and not just time).

I also have clients who use xero, QB, Kashflow, Freeagent (which either they arrived with or got a deal on eg with their bank) all of which I have access set up to, but overall I prefer Sage.

BTW This is Sage Business Cloud Accounting not Sage50.

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13th May 2021 17:59

When you say a book keeping bureau, are you looking at purely an internal tool for multiple clients with no client access, or the over priced (sorry, value priced) app stack set up that some have adopted, with clients mangling things up for you first (sorry, uploading and coding with complete accuracy each and every time).

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Replying to JD:
By Cleggy1
14th May 2021 11:05

I am looking for a bank feed (still clients struggle to get bank statements to us), preferably would be some form of purchase invoicing system and bank matching functionality.

Regarding purchase invoices, it is a time/cost exercise. £10-£12pm for software and then it still needs processing compared to extracting info from purchase invoices manually in to excel/csv and importing it.

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By sallyrichardson
14th May 2021 09:57

If you contact FreeAgent they will set you up with a free dashboard and will offer you agent prices that are much lower than the advertised ones for clients. And as said before - any NatWest business account holder or Mettle account holder currently gets it free for life.

The Mettle account is a challenge account but is also free.

It's our software of choice and our clients who have moved from Xero or QBO much prefer it. They can even use the phone app to upload paperwork for us to deal with.

Good luck in your business

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blue sheep
By Nigel Henshaw
14th May 2021 15:05

I think your answer is probably Quickbooks, you have a variety of choice depending on what the client needs that start at £6 a month, plus you might get the 10 for £10 if you are lucky.

Freeagent for sure if they are with Natwest

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
15th May 2021 09:42

Capium is free for any payroll up to 3 employees.

If you want Auto enrolment and P11D its £15 a month for up to 100 clients; or £1.80 a client

Very good support

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By lh3f9764bg1g
20th May 2021 09:39

I have responded to Freeagent advertising emails THREE times this year asking them to contact us as agents as quite a few of our clients use one of the free bank accounts but nobody has got back to me. Three times! This year! Are they just a bunch of jokers? Their failure to respond to my request for further information on THREE occasions leads me to believe . . . . . . they must indeed be a bunch of inefficient jokers.

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By FirstTab
20th May 2021 10:08

You can get a fantastic deal with QuickBooks. Speak to an account manager. The are keen to increase their UK market share. QB is good, similar to Xero, but at a much lower price

I had no chance of a decent deal with Xero. The usual "we provide a better value" words no meaning.

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Replying to FirstTab:
By BryanS1958
20th May 2021 10:40

Xero definitely do not provide 'better value'. QBO is much better in the opinion of my staff and I - they hate Xero, especially the terrible bank reconciliation and very slow e-mail only support (QBO has phone, web chat and community support, so we find it easy to quickly get an answer). QBO also has better reporting and a useful VAT return checker tool.

Accountants get quite heavily discounted prices on QBO, sometimes 10 licences for £10, although the price increases to standard wholesale price if the client starts using QBO themselves.

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accountant in london
By Accountant in London
20th May 2021 10:35

I would second Quickfile.
It's £45+ VAT per year for having all the advance options and large account over 1k transactions. Bank feed is an additional £15+ VAT, so works out £60 + VAT per year.
This is £5 + VAT per month.

I think they are introducing a payroll integration.

Includes VAT MTD and has plans to add income tax MTD.

they do P&L, Balance sheet, and basic Tax summary

I have suggested a FA register but this has not been implemented yet.

Very good sales and purchase modules.

Overall as a bookkeeping package, I like it and prefer it because it's flexible.

For example, for FreeAgent, all transactions need to be explained before a VAT return can be submitted, but with QF especially clients on flat rate scheme, I only need to ensure the sales invoices are tagged/explained and it lets me submit the VAT return.

Their support service is also good.

For my practice, I use QF, TF, and Payroo - all cloud-based.

I actually get the client to buy the QF license themselves, and then I have access to their accounts as their accountant. They are happy to pay the £60 + VAT per year and have peace of mind that they own their own data.

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By nickr
21st May 2021 08:11

Quickbooks have a special offer 50 licences for £2 each for up to 3 years. You have the bank feed and MTD.

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By David Gordon FCCA
21st May 2021 13:12

VT are inexpensive, sensibly basic, and does not frighten my clients

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By dcls14352
21st May 2021 19:30

I would check out Quickfile. For my level of usage it is free and it seems pretty good

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By dcls14352
24th May 2021 08:18

I use Quickfile for my own company and I would recommend taking a look at it

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