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Bookkeeping software that links to a room booking diary

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Hi everyone,

I'm taking over the treasurer role at a NFP that has a lot of room booking invoices to prepare. Is there a software packege that will link to our room booking calinder to automaticlly generate the invoices and is easy to use for all other bookkeeping duties?

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By In a Daze
25th Sep 2018 14:23

I think something like booking bug with xero will work. Take a look at the xero market place.

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By Si_Woodhams
25th Sep 2018 16:58

Depends on what booking system you are using.

But you can link Google Calendar direct to QuickBooksOnline to raise invoices

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By andy.partridge
25th Sep 2018 17:23

(Sorry, deleted as not suitable after all.)

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