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Software recomendations

I currently use excel spreadsheets, moneysoft for payroll and Taxcalc for tax returns. I am seeking a simple to use, reasonable priced solution with MTD in mind and needing to prepare clients car returns. What do you recommend.


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18th Mar 2018 22:07

Well, the simplest option would be to stick with Excel spreadsheets, Moneysoft for Payroll and Taxcalc for the rest. Why change?

I assume you are aware that HMRC have agreed that Excel is acceptable for MTD and Excel users are even welcome to join the beta?

At some point you'll need an extra link for uploading the Excel data to HMRC but I expect that Taxcalc and all of the other software providers will soon include a module for that, as everybody will be needing it.

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19th Mar 2018 09:57

Car Returns ?

You mean forms P11d ?

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to lionofludesch
19th Mar 2018 10:04

sorry I didn't notice the typo I was asking about software for client's book keeping and submitting vat returns

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