Software recomendations for Charity Fund analysis

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I have been approached by a local small community farm to see if I can help them. For their book-keeping they use a desktop version Quickbooks 2007 but have been notified that this is being discontinued. They are looking to move to an online book-keeping software that can handle fund analysis for restricted/unrestricted funds & is affordable for a charity. Does anyone know of any systems that can offer the same as QB2007 version fund analysis?

Then for accounts production, I currently use IRIS Elements (had to migrate from taxfiler) and after speaking with them, IRIS elements doesn't support fund analysis for restrited/unrestricted funds and they want me to sign up for their financial suite, which isn't viable just for one potential charity client. Previousily we used Keytime Software for a charity client but I believe that has now been absorbed by IRIS. Are there any other software's that can provide accounts production with fund analysis without the IRIS price tag?

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By Bobbo
08th Apr 2024 15:49

jo.steinbergs wrote:

Are there any other software's that can provide accounts production with fund analysis without the IRIS price tag?

Microsoft Word

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By Paul Crowley
08th Apr 2024 18:16

That is what we still use, but now mostly churches with legacy funds.
I was a trustee for a charity that bought some charity type software, but user error made it completely useless, so I started from scratch using bank statements and spreadsheets.

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Replying to Bobbo:
By D V Fields
12th Apr 2024 16:33

Coupled with Microsoft Excel.
Perfect for getting Trial Balances by funds and then generating tables to populate the Word document for the Charity (and or Company) statutory formats.

Alas, the time saved is not to everyone's liking.

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By Ranse
09th Apr 2024 16:18

These are some of your options for charity fund analysis: QuickBooks use classes , Liberty Accounts ( a specialist charity software- I have not used it but few have mentioned it) and Xero use tracking categories. You can customize most accounting software for fund accounting purposes. For annual accounts, Excel remains your best friend . Alternatively, you may explore Sage Advanced solutions , BTC, or Iris.

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