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Software recommend for project costing, service

Software recommend for project costing, service delivery management

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I have a client who provides yacht/boat management and maintenance services across 3 marina's.

They currently use SAGE 50 alongside a bespoke portal system for project costing and service management and this lacks integration.

They like Xero and have looked at things like Workflow max with a view to full integration but the project costing/quoting/invoicing/timesheet operations are seen as not flexible enough.

They are considering developing their 'portal' further to enhance Xero integration but this is expensive and has the associated risks of maitaining a bespoke solution.

Are there any other Xero+app solutions that are working well for others in this field?

I saw simPRO - anyone used this? 



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02nd Jan 2019 23:14

I would suggest SAP Business One. It does everything you have asked.

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to elliottchandler
03rd Jan 2019 12:12

I note that the website does not show pricing which is always a concern.

Is standard modular pricing available as a cost indication?

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to CWservices6064
03rd Jan 2019 14:18

I could obtain standard pricing. Please send me a DM with your email address.

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03rd Jan 2019 12:07

You might also look at Quickbooks desktop 2019. It does everything you want with classes for sites and project costing for individual jobs with fantastically simple reporting.

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03rd Jan 2019 15:49

Aqilla will do all of this and more, it's a cloud based mid market ERP solution with project costing built in, plus it is already tried and tested in the maritime industry.

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03rd Jan 2019 16:33

Thank you for the hard lazy sell Aquilla so prob about 100 pm all in. How many 'maritime' users do you have then?

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10th Jan 2019 10:31

Synergist isn't particularly strong for service management, but it is quite flexible in general compared to Workflow Max for project management/costing.

Synergist does integrate with most popular accounting systems including Xero, Sage 50, Sage 200, Kashflow, Quickbooks, Aqilla etc.

As I say, we may not be a good fit for service management and we don't have any maritime users that I'm aware of.

Anyway our web site is

Best regards

Keith White
Synergist Express Ltd.

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By johnt27
11th Jan 2019 09:47

Have you/your client checked out the apps on the marketplace.

simPRO is slick and could work really well for your client.

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04th Feb 2019 08:34

Yes, we have done a project related to your requirement. If you need to know about it, Check it out here:

If you looking for a company to implement this process, then your search might end with Yaali Bizappln Solns.

If you’re interested, I’d love to discuss more details. If you’d like to have a call to discuss this, click here to schedule time on my calendar.

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