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Software Satisfaction Awards Voting

Software Satisfaction Awards Voting

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Hi All,

I'm a little confused.

I've just received an Email from BTC Software thanking me for voting for them in the Software Satisfaction Awards, but I didn't.  I don't even use BTC.

As far as I recall I voted in four sections:  Accounts Production, tax, small business accounts and payroll.  I voted for Digita, Digita, Accounts Portal and Payroll Manager respectively. 

Now I'm starting to wonder if it was a box ticking survey - if it was did I accidently tick the wrong box.  Or did I do it correctly but one of my votes got accidently allocated to the wrong company?  I don't think BTC are linked to any of the above.

Has anyone else had this Email who didn't vote for BTC?

Thanks all


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By Mouse007
29th Oct 2013 20:11

They don't know who voted

They are just thanking everyone - and sending the email to every email address they have ...


.... there's a four letter word for that (although I don't blame them on this occasion).


Click image for full size view










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By Flash Gordon
29th Oct 2013 16:54

Or maybe

Maybe they wanted you to ask that question here so that someone like me could point out the error of your ways and tell you to swap to BTC right now! :)

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By chatman
29th Oct 2013 17:44

Votes for Digita?

Votes for Digita are automatically transferred to other suppliers as they couldn't possibly be correct.

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By bernard michael
30th Oct 2013 09:20

Treat it as an unsolicited advert and delete

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By Andrew Ross BTCSoftware
31st Oct 2013 12:44

BTCSoftware Email


If in our over-exhuberance we have caused any confusion or offense. We were just delighted to have achieved such great results and wanted to thank all those who MIGHT have voted.

There is of course no way for us to know exactly who voted or for whom. And we will of course instantly remove anyone from our email list who no longer wishes to hear from us.


Andrew Ross, BTCSoftware

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By Batty Girl
04th Nov 2013 09:17

No offence caused Andrew

No problem Andrew,

No offence was caused - although I was confused.

Thanks for clearing that up.


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