Software solutions for car restoration business

Software solutions for car restoration business

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 I have a client who is in the classic car restoration game and needs an effective internal accounting solution which will handle allocation of costs (labour and parts) to individual jobs.

Any tried and trusted recommendations? The client will not be large but client is happy to spend money on getting it right.


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By Chris Smail
05th May 2011 18:26

Most cheap packages will do that

 Certainly QB & Sage 50 will do that, no doubt the VT fans will be along in a minute to tell you the same.

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By sanjiro
06th May 2011 10:08

The industry standard for this is Kerridge but if he is small then that would be complete overkill (and horrifically expensive) a cheaper alternative which is old but would do the job if there are more than a couple of technicians is BV Motis.

Those are 2 options but there are plenty of dealer management systems out there and there is normally the option to purchase with or without vehicle stockbooks which is another point to consider if he is restoring for others or purchasing vehicle stock for himself and restoring for onward sale.

I could probably give a better answer if you could clarify "not big" (number of technicians and unit sales)


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By mm01
06th May 2011 10:27


Quickbooks gets my vote, I personally find it easier than Sage for job costing.

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By RichardWhight
20th Nov 2012 14:31

IRIS Exchequer


Exchequer is worth a look at.

It's really easy to useIt'll be future proofHas links Exchequer Payroll Software and can cost payroll to jobs from timesheetsLabour can be Job Costed without a payroll system link if need be (say if you use a Payroll Beaurea)Purchased items can be costed directly to jobs without entering to stock first if you want toHas Sales Ordering and Purchase Ordering which updates the job costsIt can analyse the job costs using a different structure than the Chart Of Accounts so that the Chart Of Accounts can be as simple or complex as you likePrint Forms can be created so that you don't need to use preprinted stationeryYou can email invoices in PDF format to clients if you want toIt also has an easy to use Visual Report Writer that can help produce any reports neededIt links directly to Excel for another easy to use report writing tool

IMHO I wasn't keen on Quick Books at all from what I've seen of it but I'm not an expert in that system so you'll have to compare for yourself.


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