Software survey for SME accounting packages

Software survey for SME accounting packages

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Does anyone know of any good research, articles or surveys into the main packages for SME's management accounting (Tas, Sage, Quickbooks, Mamut etc)? As an accountant, I have recommended MYOB to many of my clients due to the high quality of its reporting, the drill down functionality, integrated payroll and ease of use for a non accountant. Mamut recently purchased MYOB and my understanding is that they will be ceasing to support the PC version from next year. They are offering to upgrade MYOB users to Mamut, but I would like to research whether this is the best option for my clients.

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By [email protected]
27th Oct 2009 20:54

Will Mathieson

Hi Sally

I wouldl appreciate it if you wouldl share the answers to youru question on accounting packages with me! Thanks. [email protected]

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