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Software that provides consol and revenue analysis

Looking for software that provides consolidation and revenue analaysis (e.g. top 10 customers) etc


I have a client that operates a business with about 6 entities that need to be consolidated (different currencies and will report in US$).  A key element is also forecasting into the future at least 3 years.  They also want to undertake revenue analysis such as top 10 customers each month, revenue by project etc.  All the data is currently exported to Excel and we are alooking for software we can upload the data to and undertake the consoilidation, forecasting and revenue analaysis.

I have looked at Fathom and Spotlight, but I believe these are limited in the revenue analaysis department and require more input than may be necessary for inter-company eliminations with foreign currency balances.

Does anyone have any recommendations for software that can do all we arer looking for? If not, any advice on what could be used for the revenue analaysis tools would be most helpful.

If it helps, they use various software across the companies and export to Excel but may look to move to a single package in future (Xero possibly).

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08th Aug 2017 14:34

what ledger or ledgers are used by each of the 6 entities

does each ledger operate standalone- or does central finance access each of the 6 ledgers regualry [ if so there may be tools to provide the analytics required, and leave the stat consol and currency complications to reporting sofware to do that job ]

eg SUN accounts [ and i believe MS dynamics] 10 companies and say 5 branches - has tools available to, for example, access and report in excel a data mining of aged debtors - or from a top down control - imagine looking at outputof all creditorsAP ledgers, and identifying DEBIT balance accounts !! across the world business @ the click of a mouse

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10th Aug 2017 10:44

l0ok at twinfield or accounts IQ

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11th Aug 2017 19:26

An new software for forecasting and budgeting, offering (literally) infinitely flexible consolidation will be available in beta version September 1. Contact [email protected].

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