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Software to manage jobs/tasks

What do members use to manage their clients work?

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Any low cost recommendations for managing clients jobs?  So a system that will keep track of jobs in, due jobs, overdue jobs etc?

I have seen several systems but they are all quite expensive.

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By marks
15th Apr 2019 22:24

There are loads out there.

We use Glide. Costs from £12 per month per user. We use it together with inform direct to keep a track of when ltd company accounts are due. We then have loads of different job types set up eg payroll, VAT, management accounts, bookkeeping, onboarding, tax returns with different stages so we know where everything is at any point in time. We also use Glide to send automated emails and texts to chase up records and also use glide timesheets to record time from an internal efficiency measurement rather than to bill jobs as we have fixed prices for everything.

Then you have other options such as Senta and Accountancy Manager. Which do other things over and above job management and are about £30 per user per month.

Personally dont see any of the above as expensive.

We used to use IRIS for everything and now use taxcalc, glide, inform direct, infusionsoft, sharefile, autoentry, futrli for the same price that we use to pay for IRIS just to do the compliance. So now get a lot more value for the same price.

If you want a cheap option then keep them on an excel sheet but more difficult to track and will probably cost more in the long run in time to maintain it compared to the options above.

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By PStreet
17th Apr 2019 17:32

Been looking at this myself but find the generic accounting ones seem to duplicate a lot of information and no way to link to the accounting/tax software - also looking at other ideas such as - following this post with interest!

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