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Software to password protect files

Which do you use?

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Hi All,

we are using this time to do some admin/look at our systems.

I was wondering what software do people use to password protect word/excel/pdf documents to email to clients?

Many thanks


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By SkyBlue22
12th Feb 2018 12:55

You shouldn't need separate software to password protect excel/word/pdf documents because the functionality is within the programs themselves.

For Excel it's within the 'save as' option (go to the dropdown on the right and choose general options when the window opens).

In Word it's within the 'Permissions' area of the 'Info' tab under the 'File' menu.

If you have Adobe, it's within 'document properties' and then the 'security' tab.

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Adrian Lawrence
By AdrianLawrence
12th Feb 2018 13:01

There are plenty of hacking/cracking programs easily available on the internet which allows their users to read the password and hence break into files. These sorts of password are useful to prevent the casual reader from opening, but unfortunately are very easy to overcome.

To be more secure there are encryptions programs such as PGP key based ones, these are very much harder to break but potentially breakable also..

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Replying to AdrianLawrence:
By SkyBlue22
12th Feb 2018 14:07

Agreed... a better choice might be a secure platform for sharing files whereby each user must sign in to reduce the need to send files anywhere.

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12th Feb 2018 14:24

We use Egress which is fairly easy to use - a lot of our client would rather we didn't use anything though.

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By reconynge
15th Feb 2018 16:42

We use, a cloud-based storage, which is very secure with various levels of encryption; for more details see One other advantage is that files can easily be updated - when mailing files which subsequently get changed, there is always the risk clients will open an old mail and go from there, creating hassle and extra work

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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
16th Feb 2018 09:47

You can enable Encryption through Office 365 and Information Rights Management. Then when you send an email with an attachment it gets delivered securely. The recipient has to then visit a secure website to access the files. If you want more info let me know. We are setting this up for lots of accountants.

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