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Software to produce charity accounts

Hunting for a software to produce charity accounts

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I am hunting for a sotware I could use to produce charity accounts.

Let me elaborate on this a little bit. I have a software that produces the financial statements. I use Quickbooks and I am happy with it.

Now what I need is a software that's compatible with Quickbooks, into which I could drop the trial balance to then create the charity accounts with all the relevant reports included.
So far the only product I know that does that is PTP but I find them rather expensive.

Does anyone know of any similar products they would recommend?

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By WhichTyler
05th Sep 2020 13:27

Sorpaid templates on top of VT Final Accounts can do that

But you will probably need a 'bridging' spreadsheet to turn the QB TB in to the standard headings in SorpAid
The Sorpaid templates are compliant, but also idiosyncratic. You can amend them if you are confident in Excel

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By lionofludesch
05th Sep 2020 14:14

I always slotted the figures into the Charity Commission templates. But I didn't deal with a lot of charities and expensive charity accounting software never made sense for me.

It would've been cheaper to tell the charities to go elsewhere.

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