Solar Accounts - Accountant required.

Solar Accounts - Accountant required to submit tax return and finalise accounts from supplied data.

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I am looking for an accountant in the north of England who is used to working with data from Solar Accounts, preferably the off-line version, where data will be emailed to you.

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By FactChecker
19th Jun 2024 17:31

For a company that's been trading (according to CH) for a decade, they seem resolutely small - and I've never encountered their software.
Have you tried asking them for any known (or even recommended) accountants?

[BTW you'll need to be clearer, if/when you find someone to talk to, with regard to which services you are seeking and the sector/size/history of your business.]

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Replying to FactChecker:
By Paul Crowley
19th Jun 2024 17:45

I looked it up
Heck of a difference in price if the client is registered for VAT
Given how many offerings there are for MTD Vat it is no surprise that most of us have not heard of hundreds of them.
544 per HMRC website. A lot will be bridging through spreadsheets, but bound to be loads of small software houses that have not become well known.

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By Paul Crowley
19th Jun 2024 18:01

No skin in the game for me. Happily southern.
But any decent accountant can prepare accounts with just a few reports that you could get as PDF or Spreadsheet.
Aged debtors
Aged creditors
Trial Balance
Detailed nominal ledger

And maybe the P&L and balance sheet, just to see what reports you usually get.
Then accountant tells you the journals needed to match up as part of accounts completion.

Black box approach works fine. I have quite a few where I do not get my hands dirty.

But your choice if you want to fish in a small pool rather than the ocean.

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