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Sole Practitioner sub-contracting to another firm

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Hi all

As per the question above - is this a viable option if the need so arises?  Just wondering if capacity allows and demand is there is this ok?  Sole practioner holds ACCA Practising Certificate, firms consulting to could be ICAEW or ACCA.

Thanks in advance!

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By zarar
17th Jun 2019 21:17

Yes I have done this a number of times

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By lionofludesch
17th Jun 2019 21:55

I've done it too.

But I wouldn't do it if I had better options. It would be my last choice of option, tbh.

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By pauld
18th Jun 2019 09:59

If your just starting up, I would look at every opportunity available. I contracted for a London firm in my early days 5 days a week during their busy period and did my own work in the evening and weekends. The money from that job kept me afloat whilst trying to build the business. Make sure you negotiate good terms though and know what work they want you to do - don't just become a dogsbody. With regard to the qualifications you mention, I would have thought this has no bearing on the matter - you can work for who you want - your self employed.

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By bwstokie
19th Jun 2019 12:55

Many thanks for the responses - just gives another option to keep the fees coming in whilst trying to get established.

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