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Sole Trader Losses b/fwd-how to utilise on SAR

Sole Trader Losses b/fwd-how to utilise SAR 05/04/17

Client had losses c/fwd for self employment when SAR 05/04/16 was completed. This was shown in box 80.

I wish to utilise these losses SAR 05/04/17. There is no reference too them when completing the return on the HMRC filing system. Do I simply enter the figure I wish to claim? If so where in the process?

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By Red42
13th Jan 2018 17:38

I've now found the box and just entered the loss b/fwd from box 80.

I did think this would have rolled on from 05/04/16 and it would be already waiting but obviously not the case

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to Red42
13th Jan 2018 17:44

You're very optimistic.

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By SXGuy
15th Jan 2018 11:49

Perhaps if you had used software. But with hmrc tools, don't assume anything.

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