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Sole trader % of profit donated to charity

An ethical client is considering donating 10% of profits to charity

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What would the tax treatment be? Would this be an allowable expense for the business?

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By Duggimon
15th Apr 2019 10:53

No, but he can gift aid it for some tax relief if he's higher rate.

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By lionofludesch
15th Apr 2019 12:29

Yeah, Gift Aid's the route. He needs to decide whether that's 10% gross, which will be 8% net, or 10% net, which will be 12½% gross.

They're his own parameters so very much up to him.

He won't get relief against Class 4 NI through Gift Aid.

In theory, he could get relief as an expense but he'd have to show that the donation was wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the trade, which would be nigh on impossible, I would've thought.

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By Rweaver
15th Apr 2019 13:19

Are your clients which don’t make such donations unethical?

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By Roland195
15th Apr 2019 15:41

I would recommend you advise your client against this, not for any particular tax reasons but from the inevitable PR disaster that it turns into when his definition of profits or donation is disputed.

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Replying to Roland195:
By Tax Dragon
16th Apr 2019 07:22

What's it to do with PR? Some people simply want to give (back) and do so quietly.

Which, OP, is why there's no business deduction - it's a personal matter.

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