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Sole trader or limited company

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I've my own website to sell clothes and I wanted pay my tax at the same time I'm working as self employed for courier service and I need to pay my tax too. So can I open a limited company with two different type of work or make it as sole trader? Please advice me wich better and easier. Thank you

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By lionofludesch
10th Sep 2021 19:48

Ah - you've given us a sentence of information and expect us to come to a decision on something very complex based on that thimbleful of data.

Easier - sole trader.

Better - dunno. Not enough information by a long chalk. You need to consult an accountant who thoroughly go through your affairs and come to a decision based on his enquiries.

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By David Ex
10th Sep 2021 20:18

Does that pay more than working as an accountant?

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By DKB-Sheffield
10th Sep 2021 21:10

Better or easier - it depends on you! To a non-accountant, self employment may well be easier. However, given the fact you have some accountancy training (per your previous post), you may actually find applying your knowledge to a corporate entity simpler!

The best bet... do some research! Type your question heading (verbatim) into Google and you will find it is awash with answers from very reputable sources. You'll get a much better answer if you apply that info to your own circumstances. Also, bear in mind MTDITSA when considering your options.

However, the most concerning part if your question is that you HAVE a website and ARE working as a courier and NEED to pay tax. Have you not already left it too late to be asking these questions?

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By Tax Dragon
11th Sep 2021 09:51

Tags VAT. So are you trying to ask about antidisestablishmentarianism and not managing to use the right words to do so?

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
11th Sep 2021 15:24

TFB, a company might be easier after MTDfIT comes in.

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