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Sole Trader: where should I pay tax

Moving to Amsterdam as a Sole Trader, do I pay tax in the UK or the Netherlands

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I am about to move to Amsterdam and having handed in my notice my current employers have asked I stay on as a contractor. I had intended to register as self-employed in the Netherlands and pay tax there, but my employers are insisting I register as a Sole Trader in the UK and pay tax here. Which is the correct option? If I register in the UK will I also have to pay tax in the Netherlands?

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By Wilson Philips
23rd Jun 2020 22:27

You need to provide far more information than that and would be well-advised to speak directly with an adviser. What I would say is that if you are self-employed your “employer” cannot insist on anything. The question is rather whether your activities etc impose any UK tax obligations on you. That’s for you and your adviser, not your client, to determine.

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By Tim Vane
23rd Jun 2020 22:57

How can you be self employed if your “employer” is telling you how to operate? That’s one of the first things that HMRC would use in deciding whether you are employed or self-employed. If you really are self employed then it will depend on your residence status for tax purposes, which can be complicated to determine. If you live and work in the Netherlands with only occasional trips to Blighty then the most likely outcome is that you will be taxable in the Netherlands. There is nothing stopping you from paying tax in the UK as well; if you want to pay tax on both countries I don’t suppose either country will mind (!), but the likelihood is that tax would only be correctly chargeable in your country of residence.

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Hallerud at Easter
24th Jun 2020 00:02

As an aside, where did you manage to find information about being able to live and work in/from the Netherlands after 31 st December or are you an EU national?

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