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Solution to e-mail invoices from sage?

Is there a way to email invoices to customers from Sage 50 if you don't use the invoicing tool?

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Hi All, 

We currently use an excel document as our master sales list which we then upload to sage to post it into the individual customer accounts and relative nominal codes. We do not use the invoicing function in sage and for various reasons the finance director wants us to continue to do it this way.

The problem that I have now is that customers are requesting that invoices are emailed to them which involves printing, scanning and then emailing every single invoice which is very time consuming. Is there a way that this can be done from sage using the information that has been uploaded from my excel document?

Any help with this or if anyone has used any programmes that can do this would be very appreciated.



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15th May 2019 09:55

Hi, drop me an email at [email protected] so we can discuss options, as I'd like to better understand the customer journey

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to Chris Downing
15th May 2019 12:20

@ Chris, if you want to relate to customers don't talk management speak

"better understand the customer journey"

Is an absolute howler of a phrase to be using externally to real people, even if used internally ad nauseam.

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15th May 2019 10:47

I don't know the optimum solution to your problem, but surely printing to a PDF rather than paper would save the scanning?

Often you can set up a virtual PDF printer that automatically creates an e-mail with the PDF attached, so that may save a little bit of time and effort, too.

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15th May 2019 10:50

Sage really expects you to be using the invoicing module if you want to email invoices but, as you are importing transactions directly to the Audit Trail, that is not an option.

If you are good with Report Designer, it should be possible to create a report that looks like an invoice and takes the data from the Audit Trail so, for example, you would run it and select a range of transaction numbers (i.e. the lines from the invoice) and then that report could be run to PDF and then emailed...


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15th May 2019 10:57

Problem solved, had a good chat to understand why the native Sage invoice module wasn't being used.

However, suggested this great solution which allows the import of full sales invoices via a csv file:

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By JoF
to Chris Downing
15th May 2019 13:59

Hi Chris
I have a garage client who issue invoices for car repairs, all done via sage, except they use just one customer/debtor account for their cash sales. This they have styled 'Cash sales' - with individuals name added to the address box on the invoice.

Historical system and preferred method so that they do not end up with a million and one 'customer' files.

Invoices are all on letterhead loaded to sage and historically printed out for clients when they pay.

I had assumed that it would not be possible to email the client individually without manually adjusting the email address for the cash account when one was required via email, which of course is dangerous as the email address could be wrong etc. It wouldnt be that often that one is requested and its managed by saving to pdf as suggested above. But would appreciate any thoughts.

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to JoF
15th May 2019 18:12

Hi JoF
I suggest a quick call to discuss options, pop an email to [email protected] - hopefully the journey won't be as long and we'll take the most appropriate path! ;)


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