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Solution to Tracking Payroll Jobs/Workflow?

Need a solution to track payroll jobs, ongoing, completed view comments etc

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At the moment we track our payroll jobs/clients on a spreadsheet, where we create a workbook for each client for comments on processing payroll. All clients are linked to a master workbook/spreadsheet. So we know what jobs are completed.

The spreadsheet system of tracking jobs is getting to be a bit of a headache at the moment. Multiple users opening same spreadsheet at same time, syncing issues, conflicts etc. Also its not very efficient and too manual. Getting to be a bit of a problem managing more and more clients as the practice grows.

Looking for a solution to tracking payroll jobs, with notes, comments, create a recurring flow etc etc etc.

Current Issue: Also we create customised steps in the spreadsheet for each client. eg wages processed? RTI submission done? New starters? New Leavers? Sent Payroll reports to client? where we tick off each step. Was wondering if we can create a customised workflow process for each client. Mark each process as done and then mark job as complete. Create a recurrance for next time.

Sometimes a client calls, please change my wages from next month to £££. If in someway we can create notes for the current period or next recurring workflow. etc.Multiple staff taking messages from clients, problems communication internally, miscommunication, forget to pass on messages leads to incomplete payroll, mistakes etc.

Looking for a solution to this like a workflow software. Offline or cloud. Where different users can login and put in notes or process the work. Any suggestion appreciated.

Thank You.



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By Wanderer
25th Oct 2018 13:49

Sounds like you over complicating it all.

Get a paper file.
When you get a new tax code / starter / leaver / change details put them in the file.
When you come to run the payroll pick the file up & work through all enclosures methodically.

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Replying to Wanderer:
By ckad665
25th Oct 2018 13:57

That is the best way.

But unfortunately, we are a paperless office and plus we have staff remotely dialling in from offsite to process the payroll.

Therefore we are in need of an online/software/cloud solution to keep a track of it all.


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By free-rider
25th Oct 2018 14:13

I use the "Workflow" module of QBO for Accountants which allows you to set up jobs with various stages and link these to the client accounts in QBO to request info etc. For a one man band this does the trick - don't remember when I last missed the deadline or forgot to do something. Offcourse, this works if you are using QBO.

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By Livepay
25th Oct 2018 14:13

Have a look at CRM, I think it may do a lot of what you require. You can schedule tasks and make notes.

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By Matrix
25th Oct 2018 14:21

We use Glide, you can probably configure the workflow to add in new employees etc but we currently just save the details into that month’s folder when we are advised.

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By Maslins
25th Oct 2018 14:43

Senta should fit the bill. You can create a "job" which has multiple tasks that you or another user ticks off as they're done. Users can also leave notes etc, plus a fair few other things too. Check it out.

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By legerman
25th Oct 2018 18:24

I've looked at Monday to do some scheduling of tasks and that looks quite cool, but a bit overkill for a one man band like me. Clickup is similar but without the price tag.

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26th Oct 2018 11:42

Hi Chet
It sounds as though our solution, Payflow ( is exactly what you are looking for.
I'd be happy to discuss your requirements with you and work out if Payflow is what you need; if you would like to get in touch to find out more, you can do so through the website.
Wish you the best of luck in your search.
The Payflow Team
0203 757 9022

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By pauljohnston
31st Oct 2018 10:10

Senta gets a vote from us too for the reasons stated.

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By Tross
31st Oct 2018 10:17

Accountancy Manager is worth a look. It's a cloud based accounting/payroll CRM software. You can add details of phone calls etc onto each client for all users to see and automatically include any e-mails under the client time-line too.

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31st Oct 2018 11:24

More on Payflow:

Payflow is a payroll service management solution. If you/your company offers a payroll service, Payflow is designed for you.

Our software allows you to manage the tasks and activity associated with payroll in one, central, payroll specific solution - not a generic workflow tool bent for use by payroll teams; Payflow was built specifically for the payroll industry. Payroll bureaux, accountants offering payroll services and shared service centres all use Payflow for tracking and managing payroll activity.

Payflow is billed monthly, the basic version (Payflow Express) is £15 per month per user [as of 31/10/2018] (rolling month contract) and you can have as many Organisations/Payrolls as you want. 

Payflow allows you to see a prioritised list (most urgent first) of all the tasks, for all the payrolls, for all the customers so you can work efficiently top down.
Set the schedule of pay dates by defining the rules (some examples: "last working day of the month" or "last Friday in a month" or "2 weekly on the penultimate work day") and let Payflow generate the list of tasks and checklists, from the template, for months going forward. 
As we can generate these tasks way into the future, we can show you the weight of work on each day, 6 /7 / 8 + months ahead. We can show you, next year, where your weekly and monthly activities come to a-head and cause resourcing problems for you and your team, or allow you to make informed decisions around accepting a person's holiday request.

On top of this functionality, Payflow has a customer portal. You can share messages/documents with customers and track the tasks you need your customers to do to kick off the payrun, like send in their data. Great for evidencing where they impact the process and slow you down!
The Engage Portal was built with GDPR in-mind and allows you to see a timeline of activity for file downloads, documents views, messages back and forth, so you can see a full audit trail of who saw what and when. For £2 per customer organisation per month, you can have a seamless data flow from them to you, with task tracking, to really improve your payroll operation.

Payflow is used by many of the top 10 accounting firms in the UK, we share our good-work through networking and our customers telling others.  Rather than invest £1000s in marketing, attending conferences and hard-nosed sales teams, we put that money in the product and let it do the talking selling for us. See our website for a list of some of our customer names. - 0203 757 9022 - [email protected]

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