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Some good loan charge news for a change

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Even a suggestion of settlement refunds! Shame on PH and the previous FST for their feet dragging/intransigence/outright lies re all this (that has cost lives).

It is still too little, too late.


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17th Jul 2019 14:55

The hurdle for many will be that they didn't make anywhere near full disclosure in the original returns. In a lot of cases- none

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to AnnAccountant
17th Jul 2019 17:41

Why on earth are you not strenuously denouncing this (albeit tiny) concession and insisting all these no good loan charge people rot in hell etc. (like you normally do)? Have you finally (like the Government) realised that this loan charge is not totally OK?

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to Justin Bryant
18th Jul 2019 12:29

I don't put forth all my knowledge and opinions on a given subject just because one aspect of it is raised. Indeed, that isn't the way most people do things - so why the surprise?

Are you upset you didn't get any rants?

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