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Sorry, we’re experiencing technical difficulties

I am trying to register for an Agent Services Account

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I am trying to register for an Agents Services Account for MTD; I can not get any further than the page that tells me: "Sorry, we’re experiencing technical difficulties". Is anyone else receiving this?

I have been incontact with HMRC IT help desk, followed their instructions and still the same. Having reported back to them still waiting for a response since 05 June.

I have tried: several times, different internet host, a different computer, a computer in a different company; still the same.

Does anyone have any alternative options and what are my options to sending VAT to HMRC going forward?

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10th Jun 2019 16:22

If you are not using Chrome as a browser it might be worth trying that. Some people on AW have had success with this browser and problems with others.

Also it may be helpful to follow the links:-

Sometimes links are disabled and you get error messages, but it is worth continuing to try them as they can become live again.

I expect you have already tried these options, but I thought it worth mentioning just in case.

Good luck.

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Replying to JEJ:
By Graham26
10th Jun 2019 16:39

Thank you JEJ. Had tried those options, but just tried again and guess what; still having technical difficulties. Hopefully I will be able to gain access sometime before I am due to submit!

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Replying to Graham26:
By johnhemming
10th Jun 2019 19:00

To me it sounds like a problem that HMRC are having, but it is difficult to tell from the information provided.

With Chrome you can press F12 and go into the developer console and see if there are any javascript errors. The other browsers have a similar development environment.

It, however, doesn't sound like that is the problem.

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By Jimess
11th Jun 2019 11:57

CIOT notified their members last week that HMRC were carrying out scheduled maintenance on MTD on 8/9 June, again on 15/16 June and Monday 17 June.

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