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South african resident working in the uk

what is the process

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Hi i have a new potential client that i need a little guidence for. he is a off shore worker working for a uk company and paying uk tax  he originally said he was a uk resident as he has a ltd company registered in the uk aswell. he has a uk bank account   but has now said he has told hmrc he is a south african resident from 2015, he wants to claim his employment expences back via self assesment , is this the way to do it or  is there another process, 

Many Thanks in advance 

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Jerome lane stewart and co
By Jerome Lane
24th Sep 2019 10:31

It depends on the amount of expense claimed. Anything over £2,500 in a year has to be done via a tax return. Otherwise, it can be managed just by writing to HMRC. You'll probably need to be clear on the PSC activity and what is not allowable under temporary worker rules. Good luck!

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