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Specialist Tax Advisor

looking to connect with specialist tax advisors

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Hi all,

I am looking to connect with an independent tax advisor to pass more specialist work to them. Things like VAT, US taxes, etc. Thanks

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By Paul Crowley
06th Mar 2021 17:24

VAT and US taxes do not really go together
I would suggest client does the research to decide who becomes his advisor

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By tom123
06th Mar 2021 18:48

As taxes go, I would say that VAT is 'generally' one of the more straight forward ones, well within the remit of general accountancy practitioners.

USA taxes - that's a whole different thing.

Best to get on board with a firm of accountants that is part of a global network.

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By David Treitel
07th Mar 2021 10:42

We specialise in US tax and would be happy to help with American issues. I charge VAT on invoices to our clients and pay this across quarterly to HMRC. I would, however, never attempt to give advice on VAT.

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Jason Croke
By Jason Croke
07th Mar 2021 17:10

Can't really help you on the USA or Country taxes, but the firm I work for is part of a global professional network, so can put you in touch with Accountants across the USA who will provide a decent service for reasonable cost.

My background is VAT, customs duty, import/export. There are also others here that can offer VAT same as me, such as Les Howard and Neil Warren. Google their details or check out their articles/responses here on AccountingWeb.

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