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Husband Owns House

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Hi all,

A husband and wife live together in their main residence. The property is owned fully by the husband.

The client rents out a spare room in the property. 

Would the rent-a-room relief only be allocated to the husband as it is in his name. Or could it be allocated 50/50 as they live together and pay the bills jointly and deal with the renting room out jointly?

Many thanks

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By John R
23rd Apr 2018 14:58

Unless the renting out can be classified as a business partnership, the rents have to be allocated 100% to the husband as the property is owned solely by him.

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Replying to John R:
By Wanderer
23rd Apr 2018 15:18

You don't have to own a property to get rent-a-room relief.

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Replying to Wanderer:
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By Portia Nina Levin
23rd Apr 2018 15:25

You do need to have rent-a-room receipts though, which would first necessitate having an entitlement to some of the income.

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