Spotlight Reporting vs Fathom

What are peoples thoughts with recent updates, etc.

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I think this has been covered a bit, but has anyone had any recent experience with Spotlight Reporting and/or Fathom.  I've narrowed search down to these two, but last choice is proving difficult!  I am in the main wanting a cloud based software for creating management account packs with extra functionality for our clients, but also have a few clients who require forecasts that will need to be prepared...

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John Toon
By John Toon
19th Feb 2020 10:55

The key differences between Spotlight and Fathom are that Spotlight is much more plug and play. It's reports and reporting structure are reasonably fixed, so if you/your clients don't like the layout of say the P&L/BS reports you have a few but limited editing options.

On the flip side Fathom has a much more tailorable reporting structure, but this takes time to set up and get right. This can also result in you spending much more time per client tailoring reports rather than just rolling out a standard template. Alongside this Fathom's other reporting features - KPI setting, goal seek etc are really neat features.

I use both dependant on client need, data source and type of work we're providing.

For forecasting the only app worth considering is Castaway

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By Tross
19th Feb 2020 11:11

OK that's helpful. I did have a look at Castaway, but what is the reporting for forecasts like on that?

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Replying to Tross:
John Toon
By John Toon
19th Feb 2020 11:30

If you've ever used Winforecast is very similar. Reporting is good and can be exported into Xero, if you use it.

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
19th Feb 2020 12:10

I have spent thousands and wasted huge amount of time on reporting apps. whatever you do don't get talked into buying a block of 20 licences off anyone.

The reporting apps all have their own merits for different scenarios so match the client to the app that works best for them and buy a licence at a time. Don't buy 20 "solutions" from 1 suppler then run around looking for 20 problems to fix.

I have used spotlight more than any other app and like it for reporting etc but I think the forecasting in it is not so good.

If you are talking to vendors ask them to put you in touch with someone is successfully using it so you can get some honest feedback on client perception and value of reporting etc.

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