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SSD failure, GDPR and Dell

SSD failure, GDPR and Dell

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The SSD has failed in one of my Dell laptops (they said that this was unsual particulary for SSD....). It's under warranty so, after doing the online diagnostics, Dell are sending an engineer to replace this on site.

However, they have said that the failed SSD will be taken away. My understanding is that I have reponsibility under GDPR to make sure that this is securely erased or destroyed so I want to keep it and get this done myself.

Does anyone have experiance of this and Dells approach?



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By Duggimon
26th Sep 2019 12:02

You can get Dell's assurance it will be done and so long as you have assured yourself they have a robust data protection policy, your own data protection policy should have a clause in it permitting you to rely on third parties where you have verified they are compliant with the regulations.

If for whatever reason you don't trust Dell to comply with the GDPR, you do indeed have something of an issue, you could perhaps check if your warranty will still cover a replacement drive if you 'accidentally' hammer a nail through it.

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By paul.benny
26th Sep 2019 12:04

Have you asked Dell what they do?

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By SteveHa
26th Sep 2019 12:21

Powerful magnetic field should do it.

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