SSP following return from Furlough

SSP when returned to work and 8 week look back

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I am sorry to ask this. It was tackled a couple of weeks ago but I cant find the link (as is often the case with AW). How does one use the 8 week look back for SSP when the Furlough payments for part of the period take the employee below the required level. As far as I remember that is just tough - in other words you dont go back to pre Furlough as you do with SMP. Can I have a bit of advice please. There seems little help on the WEB.



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By JLPrice
08th Jul 2021 13:24

There is this one here:

On this occasion the OP called employment lawyers who came to the conclusion it is based on actual earnings, so they may not be entitled to SSP.

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Replying to JLPrice:
08th Jul 2021 13:48

Lovely - I read it at the time but as it didn't apply to any of mine it only half went in. Then blow me the next week I get a similar

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