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Staff entertainment

Taxable on employee

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Is it me or does no-one tax their employess on staff entertainment? I have seen some potential clients recently who have various incentives for their staff such as a Vegas trip if they hit certain sales targets? When I mentioned tax, they said they do nothing like everybody else?!

What is the norm with your clients? Is a PSA achieveable for this or not? 

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By Payrollgal
20th Nov 2019 08:55

PSA should cover it. Won't hurt to apply

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By accountantccole
20th Nov 2019 08:56

Newly taken on client was in the middle of P11d investigation due to a couple of areas including provision of holiday "team outing" overseas. Co now paying missing NI and taxes. HMRC do catch it from time to time.

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By SWAccountant
20th Nov 2019 09:16

Surely as the accountant it's your job to tell them there should be tax?

I've never come across a client who ever foresaw any issue with giving a cash bonus/gift/night out etc. They just don't know.

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By Accountant A
20th Nov 2019 11:45

SA2016 wrote:

What is the norm with your clients?

Presumably if it's the "norm" for clients to not correctly report and tax benefits in kind, they promptly become former clients subject to SAR.

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