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Stamp duty on property purchase via Limited Compan

How does the 3% surcharge work

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Hi All,

when purchasing a buy to let via a limited company how do you determing if the second property surcharge applies - pressumably it is if the company directors already have a property OR if the company already owns a property? Any help much appreciated! Thanks


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02nd Aug 2017 11:01

As following that link is likely to mislead you the answer is that any acquisition by a company of a residential property incurs the 3% surcharge rate, whether it is the first or subsequent purchase. I assume that the other property was acquired before the surcharge rules came in.

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By Ruddles
to Paulsoper
02nd Aug 2017 11:14

The (obvious) point is that there is no 3% Stamp Duty surcharge (nor indeed Stamp Duty) on purchase of a property. I know that it's pedancy but annoying nevertheless. If folks can't be bothered to get the terminology correct, then they deserve 'incorrect' replies.

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to Ruddles
02nd Aug 2017 11:16

Pedancy? Do you mean pedantry?

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By Ruddles
to Portia Nina Levin
02nd Aug 2017 12:57

That as well

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