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Does anyone have a client who uses Starling Toolkit for accounting?

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I have just had a client ask about using Starling Toolkit for their accounting - only £7 p.m. so cheap.  I had never heard of it so would be useful to have feedback as there is some rubbish software in the market place.  

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By Hugo Fair
02nd May 2023 17:59

Never tried it (or know anyone who has), but Starling's overview/claims are at

It sounds like it was developed as an MTD for ITSA 'solution' ... payments & receipts via a single (Starling only of course) bank account, for simple cash-basis book-keeping (but to describe it as an accounting package may require a suspension of incredulity).

Horses for courses ... but there are you say loads of options out there (some of which even do useful things - and without tying you in so obviously).
You don't mention what type of client ... sole trader or incorporated, size, sector, etc?

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Replying to Hugo Fair:
By Alisondodsworth
03rd May 2023 08:58

Thanks for this - you sound as cynical as me. Client is a small limited company - currently using Xero but thinks it's expensive - especially once his bank sent him the link to this.

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