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Hi all,

I want to start a business next year and move away from working in jobs. I am an FCCA, I have been working in practice and industry roles for 10 years. Qualified in 2013. 

Is it possible for an ACCA to provide some sort of basic bookkeeping services online? Is that allowed? ie doing all the accounts up to TB stage. 

I don't have a practice certificate.

I'm just thinking of an idea relating to accounts, because that's what i am good at. I am also considering other non related finance ideas for business. 



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to Tim Vane
13th Dec 2018 17:27


Wow! Fancy the professional body giving guidance to its members on its website! Who would have thought?

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13th Dec 2018 17:42

Oh well, I'll ask because it is relevant. Why does an FCCA aspire to be a bookkeeper?

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