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Scenario: 2017 FS accounts being signed now, in the meantime 2 directors have left and 2 new directors appointed. Should this be reflected in the 2017 FS in: a) the company infor page under the current directors and b) the directors statement; should this now be from the new directors not the old ones who originally prepared the statement back in 2018 (but we're not signed for audit for various reasons) Many thanks  

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By ospevack
13th Jan 2020 10:30

from memory- co information reflects current position when preparing accounts , directors report says something like 'directors who have served during the year were:' - on that basis i would have current info on co info page- would include old and new directors with resignation and appointment dates, and old directors (with resignation dates) on directors report.

new directors are taking responsibility for the historic accounts, and potentially corp tax as not signed off when the old director in place. would include this fact in my letter of rep, and covering letter to the accounts.

as old directors not officers of the company at signing date, i don't think they are authorised to sign them off - someone else may know differently on that point.

co information page is not a statutory requirement, so could be omitted if statutory information is available elsewhere in the financial statements.

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