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Statements to Clients

are you sending them out at the end of March

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I know we all need paying for the work we do but given the majority of clients are struggling due to Coronavirus, are people still planning on sending out statements to clients at the end of March?

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By Hugh Simpson
25th Mar 2020 21:44

I would like to see payments.

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By sanjay100
25th Mar 2020 22:10

Its a very difficult one as no one is paying them so they can afford to pay us. You can't even force the issue. Not doing the work may sound heartless and may end up losing the client

Quite a few genuinely can't pay, some will just use it excuse not to pay even though they can afford to pay.

There will be a lot of bad debts which we just have to write off.

I don't think many will be concerned with tax and companies house filings as there are more pressing matters on hand so there could be less work too.

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By leicsred
25th Mar 2020 22:21

I don't have a problem with sending out statements but I don't hold out much hope for anyone paying.

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25th Mar 2020 23:56

While not every client will be able to pay, if no clients pay anything, how many accountants will there be left when this is all over?
We are looking to get paid but we are deciding how hard to push based on our knowledge of the client.

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
26th Mar 2020 13:19

See here for what others suggest:

I would suggest wait until after todays announcement then ring each and explain the (supposed) new govt plan and say that you are there to help. That you know its a bad time but that you would appreciate some payment towards the outstanding bill and then payments on account.

Say that you will be doing monthly payments on all future invoices to help them.

By phoning you will show them that you are also a business in a difficult situation and you will also be able to guage whether they are in a situation to pay something.

I dont have many annual or quarterly clients but a couple of those who I've had to issue invoices for now have already told me straight that they will not be paying me until this is over. I've made a note to get rid of them when it is over!

Some clients will be made bankrupt with this crisis so make sure that you have issued invoices and are just waiting payment - that way you will be on the list of creditors as the comment says on the link above.

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