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Statutory accounts for company limited by guarantee

Statutory accounts for company limited by...

I have a flat management company that is limited by guarantee. These would be my first set of accounts of this type of company.

About from the ownership is there anything else that is different? Can anyone provide a link to a template for these accounts? I use VT Final Accounts. 



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12th Oct 2011 16:13

Same as a normal ltd company

Use the VT small company template, but don't enter any share capital.

Add a new note to say the company is limited by guarantee and accordingly has no share capital. Then say what the guarantee is (usually members contributing £1/£10 etc) in the event of the company being wound up.

Job done!

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12th Oct 2011 16:30
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13th Oct 2011 09:09
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13th Oct 2011 10:12


Thanks for coming to the rescue all. The speed of response is impressive.


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