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Statutory Accounts Software

Statutory Accounts Software

I have recently joined a new organisation, who prepare their statutory accounts in MS Word (a lot of time and effort).

Does anyone know of a software package that would allow us to load a management accounts TB and produce statutory accounts, and bespoke the templates and notes as necessary.

I have been recommended VT (looks a little basic) and Digita Accounts Pro - which is looking promising. Would be interesting in hearing opinions from any users as well?

Many thanks
Ian Burrell


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26th Jul 2005 09:35

Have you looked at SkyEnterprise?
Hi Ian,
I'm not sure if you've looked at SkyEnterprise at all but if not, you can view an on-line demo (5 mins) of the full Accounting system (module 3) at this location:

The system includes features for project costing & billing as well as recording and monitoring time & expenses (which can also be done via the internet for remote users), in addition to all the standard accounting functions.

Please let me know if you need any further details.

Angela Walker [email protected]
Marketing Manager
Skynet Applied Systems 0207 236 3777

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25th Jul 2005 22:46

Digita's Accounts pro
Ian, sorry mate to state the obvious, but you just won't go wrong with Digita's Accounts Pro.

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26th Jul 2005 17:59

Blueye Software
You could take a visit at our (temporary) website and take a look at our forthcoming accounts production application. We're inviting people to download a beta and you might like to do this to see if it satisfies your needs.

The system has been designed around your working papers, and you could start with importing a .csv file with your trial balance in it. You can then prepare any supporting work within the application itself, as well as the financial statements themselves.

Steve Checkley

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28th Jul 2005 15:05

Statutory Accounts Production
Dear Ian,

We (Eureka Software) may be able to help, we produce a final accounts package that generates final accounts for all types of limited company, non limited and the more unusual formats such as charities, pension schemes, LLP's.

If you are interested get in touch, my only concern from your question is the 'bespoke' point, you will find most software houses produce a fairly standardised format that may allow some tweaking but not a complete overhaul. Several packages like ours also would have an export facility so you can edit the accounts in Word or Excel for instance.

Neil Douglas ACMA MAAT
Eureka Software

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31st Jul 2005 00:24

... is the answer. Excellent. And I am not related to Digita, just a satisfied customer!!

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01st Aug 2005 15:59

IT Zone guide available

You're question was directed to the wrong item from our IT Zone newswire, for which I apologise.

As I have mentioned to another person in your situation, we compiled an IT Zone guide to accounts production software in April.

Many of the products already listed are described and there are links to previous Any Answers on this subject.

Good luck in your quest

John Stokdyk
Technology editor

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01st Aug 2005 14:32

Thanks for the inputs
All - thanks for the comments on this.

Following various advice - I obtained a demonstration copy from Digita.

I have to say it certainly sets the standard that the other suppliers now have to achieve.
It is about as intuitive as you can get for Stat Accounts software - it will be the one that we buy.

Many thanks

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26th Jul 2005 22:57

Solutions Plus

You should take a look at our Solutions Plus bureau version.
Download from, you can try it before you buy.

It will produce both management & Statutory accounts

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