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Any STEP members here? I have looked at their website but since the course is offered by only one company I fail to get a jist of the timing and duration required to become a STEP. Is it worth it if you are in your normal high street practice?



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By lionofludesch
17th Jan 2020 17:06

I looked at it when they first set up but concluded there wasn't enough business in it to justify the effort of getting the qualification.

If you have a solicitor as a client, might be different.

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
17th Jan 2020 17:37

I am a STEP member and have found it to be very worthwhile partic for clients who are planning retirement. I can tell them what a trust is for example and how such things can be valuable in future tax planning for their business or properties.

Their local events are a very good (better than say, CIOT).

As with any qualification the length of time will depend upon the time you have to put the effort in and its not an easy exam.

Give STEP a ring - they are very approachable

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Replying to Jennifer Adams:
By weuk
20th Jan 2020 12:46

Jennifer you mention CIOT in your post as well. May I ask how would you compare STEP and CTA IHT paper?

Just trying to understand. You think CTA IHT could be a good substitute albeit I understand it does not lays emphasis on structures if trusts.

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